Super Bowl Party

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Bite Me More has a game-changer, a playbook for pulling together a super-easy Super Bowl Bash.
Super Bowl Party

How to throw this party:

1) Create an astroturf table by covering it with inexpensive green felt (found at a fabric store) and use white duct tape or ribbon to craft yard lines.

2) Get foam bricks guests can throw at the TV during bad calls or bad commercials!

3) Party City is a great place to find pom poms, mini footballs, referee shirt plates & megaphones.

4) Create a sheet of fun bets (first fumble, coin toss, color of gatorade spilled on coach, etc) that guests can place.
Place cards are created by drawing plays on dollar store dry erase boards.
A scene from 'Sunday on the Sofa.'
Survival kit for the football fan.
#1 Superfan
It's the final countdown!
Armchair Quarterback Accoutrements
Ref shirt plates from the party store are propped up between plastic megaphones.
A wide roll of inexpensive green felt creates a turf table runner.