How to Host a Family Game Night

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No rolling the dice with this party - it's a guaranteed great time, complete with competition and family bonding.
How to Host a Family Game Night

How to throw this party:

1) We bought inexpensive green felt fabric to use as a festive table runner.

2) This is the perfect dollar store party - it's marbles, jacks, dart boards, cards, trophies and ping pong paddles galore!

3) Play the movie "Clue" on TV.

4) Other fun party ideas include using game boards as serving trays and a house of cards (oversized playing cards can be found at the dollar store) building competition.

5) Giant playing cards were bought at Party City and used as placemats.
A super-easy place setting with supplies from the dollar store.
Double sixes!!!!!
Pick a game, any game.
No batteries required
Do we have to spell it out for you?
Checked mate, connected 4 and sunk your battleship!
Dollar store ping pong paddles are great as place cards.
Dollar store dominos, marbles and pick-up sticks line the table.