A Watermelon Patch Party

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Looking to go down by the bay, where the watermelons grow? No need. You can bring the bay home with this easy, fun and straight-from-the-vine Watermelon Party.
A Watermelon Patch Party

How to throw this party:

1) For your watermelon patch, go to Home Depot for astroturf (we've also used it for garden-themed parties) and Costco for a bunch (we bought a dozen) of watermelons.

2) Raid the garage for hoses, rakes & gardening tools.

3) Bright green lanterns, gardening tools and green garden fence was all bought at the dollar store.

4) Watermelon-shaped bubble gum, galvanized Ikea watering cans and fake peones (from the dollar store) add fun to the table.
A juicy watermelon party place setting.   Learn More
Pretty in Pink
Picking Watermelons in the Patch.
Sweet wedges of summer.
Taking a juicy bite.
Seedy is sad because there are almost no watermelons left with spitting seeds!
Tools of the trade.