How to Throw a High Octane Coffee Brunch

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Tired of the daily grind? Here's your chance to mix things up and get your friends together to toast the dark's a full-steam-ahead Coffee Themed Brunch, a party guaranteed to wake, shake and elate your guests.
How to Throw a High Octane Coffee Brunch

How to throw this party:

1) We created a table runner using a roll of burlap and added small burlap bags and large metal scoops overflowing with coffee beans.

2) The vintage coffee tins were found at antique markets for $8-$10.

3) The intoxicating aroma of coffee will be wafting through the house - it's amazing if you can mix that with a cinnamon scented candle.

4) Have the tools on hand to create everything from a latte to an espresso.
A perky and perfect place setting.   Learn More
All you Need is Love (and Coffee)
Night Owl
Bean Me Up
I'll have a tall half-skinny half-1 percent extra hot split quad shot latte with whip. Please.
Addiction through the ages!