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Our mission is simple: Bring ease to the kitchen and laughs to the table.

How can we possibly let Hairdresser Appreciation Day or Talk Like a Pirate Day pass without celebration? Well, we can’t. Whether it’s cruising the aisles at the Dollar Store or experimenting at the stove, we believe that every day can be a holiday. Now, before you get all “I can’t entertain” or “I don’t have time” on us, we want you to know that 2 Sisters & a Jane are here to help… dependable and doable recipes will be shared, creative and affordable décor will be shown, inspiring music will be recommended and stylish gifts and fashion will be culled. Yes, get ready to take a bigger bite out of life.

As Steve Jobs once said, “And one more thing.”

For us, there’s always one more thing: Bite me More.

Two Sisters

Julie Albert

Julie Albert

Julie enjoys long walks on the beach, singing karaoke duets with Sinatra and watching others cook. She wailed in ‘The Color Purple,’ fears mimes and was bitten by Alex Trebek. Having a Masters of Journalism (Ryerson University), Julie spends her time writing (she co-authored bestselling cookbooks ‘Bite Me’ and ‘Bite Me Too’), throwing crazy fun parties, watering her 3 kids and wondering what happened to Preparations A through G.

To reach Julie, email:
Lisa Gnat

Lisa Gnat

Lisa loves 100-year-old balsamic vinegar, playing the slots, and running like the wind. She moves like Madonna, Purells like Mandel, and mothers like Theresa. Lisa earned her Pastry Papers (George Brown), ran a successful dessert catering business, popped out 3 kids and with her bionic palate and keen sense of eating and feeding, co-authored ‘Bite Me’ and ‘Bite Me Too’ with her fantastic sister (see above). Lisa insists she knows where Waldo is.

To reach Lisa, email:

& a Jane

Jane Apor

Jane Apor

Jane adores all-things-orange, a perfect tequila sunrise and watching ‘Seinfeld’ reruns. She is a Jane-of-all-trades, a girl who knows pi from pie (MBA from Schulich School of Business), powders from primers (Marketing, Product Development and Event Promotion for Estee Lauder in New York and London) and treasures (jewelry designer, Toronto Life Super Shopper) from trash. There’s nothing plain about this Jane.

To reach Jane, email:

& a...

Ryan Szulc

Ryan Szulc

Ryan loves the dark-and-light, shadowy work of Irving Penn, Bill Brandt and Julie Albert (see above). An unbelievably talented photographer himself, Ryan is as patient as a saint and as humble as pie. All that and he never asks us, “Where’s the beef?” (a vegetarian), never makes us say, “Cheese” and despite his preference for Sonic Youth, never complains when we listen to the ‘80s band Musical Youth. Dreamy, isn’t he?
To see more of Ryan’s jaw-dropping work, check out:

PS. We’re huge fans of the ever-kind Matt, Ryan’s right hand.

& a...

Rachel Wexler, Senior Graphic Designer

Rachel Wexler,
Senior Graphic Designer

Rachel’s one righteous roamer. She has opened an orphanage in India, taught English to Laotian monks and became a veritable Elephant Whisperer. So, you ask, what’s she doing hanging with us at Bite Me More? Saving us, one pixel at a time. This Doogie Howser of Design (she was recruited out of high school and is an OCAD grad) is a Photoshop whiz, ingenious at making all things snazzy-and-jazzy. She shares our love of the visual and the bitable – we relish our Rachel.

To reach Rachel, email:

& a...

Devyn Olin, Intern Extraordinaire

Devyn Olin,
Intern Extraordinaire

Devyn gets it. And by “it,” we mean everything. Our own in-house Doogie Howser (read: Girl Genius studying at NYU Gallatin School), Devyn has mastered fashion (she’ll fight you for that vintage sweater), food (Caesar Salad) and fun (organizing her Vogue collection). Devyn keeps our fingers firmly on the pulse, all the while working as the Social Media Manager for Embodied Magazine.

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