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It's a PEZ Party!

When a candy has been around for 87 years, it's got to be great. At least that's the case with Pez and we're throwing a bash to honor this tasty collectible and pop culture phenom!


1) Time to start collecting! The Pez make for the perfect table runner, but if you're short on Pez, incorporate other candies such as giant lollipops, licorice (can use as napkin rings) and bubble gum.

2) The round placemats are from the dollar store - we used all different colors to bring more fun to the table.

3) Get creative with fun straws, have a photo op for guests with their favorite Pez and of course, have Pez as take home gifts.

The perfect Pez place setting.

Pez Mania

The Blue Years

The Green Machines

The Baby Blues

Mellow Yellows

Orange You Glad?

Radical Red

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