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A Hooked on Fishing Party

A Hooked on Fishing Party

Looking for a party that'll have your guests hooked? Throw this fun Fishing Fest, a party so easy to pull together it's like, well, shooting fish in a barrel!


1) We wrapped the table with water paper found at Michael's Craft Store.

2) The dollar store is key for this party - we got our tackle boxes, the faux seaweed, plastic fish, lures, reels and rods there.

3) Guests names are put on the mini tackle boxes with stickers. Stuffed with bags of Swedish Fish candy, this is a great take-home gifts for guests.

4) Create a photo op with a fishing pole and a large fake fish.

The perfect place setting for a big fish.


Off the Hook!

Hook, Line and Sinker

School of Fish

The fish are biting.

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