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How to Throw A Wine and Cheese Party

How to Throw A Wine and Cheese Party

Get some friends together for this super fun & easy Wine & Cheese party for some unforgettable wining & dining!


1) We wrapped the table with a striped fabric from Ikea, a fabric that had a French vineyard feel to it.

2) At the dollar store, we stocked up on cork tiles (used as placemats), corkscrews, mini carafes and fake vines.

3) What makes this party especially great is that much of the decorating can be found in your own home (bottles of wine) and much of it is edible (grapes, cheese)!

4) Have 'Sideways' or 'Bottle Shock' playing on the TV.

The perfect place setting for a wine and cheese party.

Grapes across the globe.

So Cheesy.

Gone Crackers.

Spill the Grapes.

Party Prep.

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