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A Canadian Thanksgiving Party

A Canadian Thanksgiving Party

How to throw a stylish, easy and inexpensive Canadian Thanksgiving party.


1) We wrapped the table in inexpensive fabric reminiscent of lumberjacks.

2) For an outdoorsy feel, consider adding pinecones and logs to your table decor.

3) Pay tribute to the Great White North with maple syrup containers.

4) The dollar store is a great spot to bring the harvest feel - they carry lots of mini pumpkins and autumn colored leaves.

5) Have Bob & Doug's "Strange Brew" playing on the tv and listen to our canadian themed playlist .

Read between the moose.

O Canada! Our home and native land!

Woodsy fun!

Nothing like a double-double and a 10-pack.

A common sight.

A moose full of hot air.

Getting our ducks in a row.

The national pastime.

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