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A Pins and Needles Party

A Pins and Needles Party

Here's how to throw a creative sewing and knitting party and not come apart at the seams.


1) We bought a drop cloth at Home Depot and fashioned it to look like a tailors tape using a black Sharpie and large number stickers.

2) At the dollar store, we picked up sewing kits, yarn, knitting needles and measuring tapes.

3) A trip to an antique mall yielded an old singer sewing machine, vintage patterns, thread on wooden spools and buckets of buttons.

4) The measuring tape around the glasses is printed tape created by pi'lo.

Each guest gets their own personalized sewing kit.

Always wanted a betsey johnson creation.

Only thing missing is the thimble.

Captivated by color.

A classic singer sewing machine acts as a centerpiece.

Some vintage stitching for knit wits.

A yarn pyramid pierced with knitting needles.

Scatter table with spools of thread and sewing patterns.

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