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A Chic Hanukkah Party

A Chic Hanukkah Party

Throw a chic, cool and inexpensive Hanukkah party, complete with a DIY menorah and a creative joy-to-oy touch!


1) Want to make a DIY menorah? Empty glass Perrier bottles (both large & small), soak in warm water to get the label off then spray paint glossy white. Take different colored candles and wrap the bases of the candles with white and silver ribbon.

2) At the dollar store, we bought packages of gelt, mini blue and silver presents, dreidels, blue and clear crystal pieces and the mirrored signs at each place.

3) Place cards were bags stuffed with blue or silver sizzle and an oversized dreidel.

Our table aglow.

We bought a mirrored "joy" at the dollar store and snapped the "j" to bring the "Oy."

Stylish Hanukkah

Spin that Dreidel

The Festival of Lights

8 days of presents!

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