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Valentine's Day Party

Forget a table for two - here's a super-fun and easy Valentine's Day Party that you can pull together in a heartbeat.


1) There's lots of love at Ikea. we got these neon hearts that light up the center of our table and the heart-shaped mirrors at each place.

2) The dollar store is a great place to pick up red plastic glasses and lots of cinnamon hearts.

3) We went to Home Depot and picked up these white mailboxes for $18 - less that what we would have spent on flowers!

4) Airmail envelopes were mixed with white ones, all stamped with lips & hearts to go with our love letter theme.

A sweetheart of a place setting.

Sealed with a kiss.

Love is in the air...

Love is carved into red and white sprinkles.

Classic Conversation Hearts


A table lined with love letters.

Mailboxes from Home Depot overflow with letters.

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