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A Snap, Crackle & Poppin

A Snap, Crackle & Poppin' Cereal Party

L'Eggo those Eggos because this brunch is all about cereal - crunchy, flaky, puffy and sweet cereal. Follow our simple instructions and you too can throw a magically delicious brunch guaranteed to leave your guests Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!


1) For a fun, easy and edible runner, line the middle of the table with mini or large cereal boxes.

2) Forget vases - used mini boxes to house fresh flowers.

3) In place of glasses, we used old school milk bottles filled to the top.

4) The perfect bowl for this party? We love these fun Splish Splash Indestructible Cereal Bowls by Fred & Friends - there won't be any crying over spilled milk!

5) Have "The Breakfast Club" or "Breakfast at Tiffany's" on the TV

Only thing missing is Toucan Sam.

The perfect homemade Cheerio placemat.

Got Milk?


A Cereal Smorgasbord

Hey, even Mikey likes it!

A table runner created out of mini cereal boxes.

Two scoops, hold the raisins!

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