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CSI Theme Party

CSI Theme Party

Round up all your suspects and send out subpoenas because no one is going to want to miss this line-up, a crime-busting bash guaranteed to thrill and chill. Throw this fun, easy CSI Celebration and give everyone the perfect alibi!


1) Send out invitations that look like search warrants or subpoenas.

2) The dollar store is great for fake knives, bloody footprints, policemen, ambulances and plastic handcuffs.

3) Have CSI playing on the TV.

4) As guests arrive, frisk, fingerprint and photograph them.

5) Draw chalk outline of a body on your driveway or outside your front door and warn your guests that anything they bring in may be bagged and tagged as evidence.

Get a roll of caution tape at Home Depot and criss cross it on your table.

Perfect ruby red Everyday Essentials flatware, available in select Loblaw banner stores, including Real Canadian Superstores.

The scene of the crime.

Dexter, the blood spatter specialist.

Looking For Clues

Give us chocolate cake, or else!

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