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Earth Day Party

Earth Day Party

Time to be a Green Goddess and get everyone together for this super fun and easy Save the Planet party.


1) We lined the table with a roll of cloud paper from Michael's Craft Store.

2) We collect these inexpensive vintage globe banks, but you can use any globes.

3) Have Erin Brockovich, Free Willy or March of the Penguins on TV.

4) These place settings are super easy and inexpensive - the mini recycling bins, energy saving bulbs, globe balls, mini pots, soil and fake grass square (used as charger) all came from the dollar store.

Barbie's down to earth.

An earthly place setting entirely from the dollar store!

Eat Your Greens

Think Green

Save the planet!

Vintage globe banks line the table.

Green's a dream, brown's a frown!

Don't trash the future!

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