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An Anchors Away Pirate Party

An Anchors Away Pirate Party

Ahoy, Mateys and welcome to a Pirate Party guaranteed to please all you landlubbers! With eye patches and swords galore, this is one easy and fun Pirate Party that'll blow you down.


1) We wrapped our table in water paper from Michael's Craft Store.

2) At the dollar store, we stocked up on gold coins, necklaces, wood treasure chests, eye patches and swords.

3) Show 'Pirates of the Caribbean' on the TV.

4) Turn your plate into a pirate with the addition of a red bandana (to be used as a napkin), eye patch and plastic spyglass.

5) Netting, lanterns, parrots, ships, skulls, flags and gold bricks add to the booty.

A swashbuckling setting for your Pirate Party.  

X marks the spot!

Ahoy, Landlubbers.

This one's for you, Matey.


Flying the flag.

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