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A Sugarcoated Candy Theme Party

A Sugarcoated Candy Theme Party

This sugarcoated Candy Theme Party is so easy to throw it's like taking candy from a baby. From an edible table runner to take-home gumball machines, this fun party will satisfy every sweet tooth.


1) Use Candy Land game boards as placemats or serving trays.

2) Oversized candy is so fun - versions of these can be found at any candy store.

3) Have 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' on the TV.

4) The dollar store is a great spot for penny candy, gumballs and mini gumball machines.

5) We bought bags of mini Pixy Stix and laid the straws of powdered candy close together to create a runner down the table.

A sweet Candy Party place setting.  

Gimme Some Sugar

Swimmin' in Sweetness

Chocoholics Unite

Eye Candy


Like a kid in a candy store. Really.

Gooey and chewy.

Dispensers of Candy

Hey, Sugarplum.


Who can take a sunrise...sprinkle it wish dew...

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