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A Nutty Peanut Butter Party

A Nutty Peanut Butter Party

Know someone who's nuts for nuts? This super fun and nutty Peanut Butter Party can be whipped up in a jiffy! From Mr. Peanut to pounds of peanuts in shells, this party is one easy nut to crack.


1) Not to state the obvious, but make sure that no one attending this party has a peanut allergy.

2) We ran burlap down the table, along with varying sizes of burlap bags.

3) Dollar store elephants are great gifts for guest.

4) Peanuts in shells are just about all you'll need to prop this party. Spread them down the center of the table, on plates, etc.

5) Jars of peanut butter from the dollar store are wrapped with yellow paper for place cards.

A perfectly peanutty place setting.  

One Tough Nut

Mr. Peanut & Co.

Nuts for Nuts

The Elephants in the Room

Mates for Life

Hanging Out

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

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