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A High-Flying Airplane Theme Party

A High-Flying Airplane Theme Party

Get ready for takeoff with this first class Airplane Theme Party, where you'll see the world without having to pack your suitcases. Easy to pull together and fun from boarding to disembarking, this high flying party guarantees a Bon Voyage for all.


1) We lined the table with cloud paper that we found at Michael's Craft Store.

2) From the dollar store, we picked up cotton, luggage tags, little suitcases, airplanes and passport covers.

3) Have 'Airplane' playing on the TV.

4) A fun idea for invitations is to have them written on paper airplanes or as boarding passes.

5) Hand guests packages of nuts, earphones and a safety card when they board (aka arrive).

A first class place setting   

Excess Baggage?

Cloud 9

Bon Voyage

Pack Your Bag

Up, Up and Away

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