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Yeehaw!  It

Yeehaw! It's a Horse Theme Party!

Saddle up because this is one party you're not going to want to miss throwing...a super fun Horse Theme Party that's so simple to pull together that you're guaranteed a trip to the Winner's Circle.


1) A trip to the grocery store for carrots will give you a great pop of color on the table. The carrots are placed in little crates from the dollar store.

2) Also from the dollar store, look for the grass tiles, hay, horses and fencing.

3) We found the horseshoe glasses at each place at Party City.

4) The horse cutouts were from Michael's Craft Store - we spray painted them brown and added guest's names in stickers.

5) Have 'Black Beauty' on the TV.

A trail blazers place setting.  

What's Up Doc?

Happy Trails

The Mane Event

Saddle Up!

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