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A Winter Wonderland Theme Party

A Winter Wonderland Theme Party

Get the fire roaring and host this frosty, fun and easy (and indoors!) Winter Wonderland party, a celebration of all things ice-kissed!


1) The amazing tree-trunk white vases are from Loblaw banner stores, including Real Canadian Superstores.

2) At the dollar store, we stocked up on snowflakes, foam balls, a thermometer and pinecones.

3) We crisscrossed the table with icy blue wrapping paper.

4) Add cotton to the table as snow, add any hats, gloves and mittens you might have around the house and of course, any sort of winter gear such as goggles, skis and snowshoes.

A perfect place setting for getting snowed in.  


Let it Snow!

Hit the Slopes

Pretty Pinecones

Frosty the Donut

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