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A Buzzer Beater Basketball Theme Party

A Buzzer Beater Basketball Theme Party

Holy Hoopla! Want to throw a March Madness Party or a bash for a basketball lover? We'll coach you and help you throw a Basketball Theme Party that's a guaranteed slam dunk.


1) You don't need to buy much for this party - raid cupboards of family and friends for basketball jerseys and paraphernalia.

2) Foam fingers from the dollar store are great place cards and also fun take-home gifts for guests.

3) Orange dollar store mats are layered with cork tiles to give the impression of basketballs and hardwood.

4) Place sports drinks at each persons place to keep them hydrated.

5) Have 'Space Jam,' 'Hoosiers,' or 'Like Mike' on the TV.

A place setting that's a slam dunk.  

If the shoe fits...

Having a ball.

Ball Hog

Buzzer Beater Boys

Nothing But Net.

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