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A Full Steam Ahead Train Theme Party

A Full Steam Ahead Train Theme Party

Hop on board because this fun and easy Train theme party is just the ticket for a great time!


1) You don't need to buy a lot - it's likely you (or friends) have train paraphernalia in toy cupboards. Trains don't have to match (ours don't) to look great!

2) At the dollar store, stock up on tracks, red bandanas and cardboard luggage.

3) The placemats are cut from a foam roll bought at Home Depot.

4) Train whistles are a noisy but necessary addition to the party!

5) Have 'The Polar Express,' 'The Great Train Robbery' or 'Silver Streak' on the TV.

A right-on-track place setting.  

Full Steam Ahead!

A Damsel in Distress!!!

Silver Streak

One-Track Mind

Fast Tracking It

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