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Steamy Hot Toddy Recipe

Steamy Hot Toddy Recipe

Feeling stressed or under the weather? We've got the instant cure in this soothing Hot Toddy recipe. A sip of this nice and warm boozy beverage of brandy, lemon, honey, ginger and cinnamon, will have you on the mend in no time.

Bite Me Bit

"...his name was Todd. That's right. Hot Toddy. Hot Toddy. Hot Toddy."

-Jack, Will & Grace


2 oz brandy
1tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 tsp honey
1 cinnamon stick
1 slice lemon
1 slice fresh ginger


Using a clear glass mug, combine brandy, lemon juice and honey. Fill glass with boiling water and stir well to combine. Add cinnamon stick, lemon slice and ginger to mug.

Serves 1

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