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Chunky Monkey Milkshake Recipe

Chunky Monkey Milkshake Recipe

Monkey see, monkey do. Yes, I'm the monkey because when I see Lisa sipping on frosty Chunky Monkey milkshakes, tall glasses of chocolate blended with bananas and ice cream, well, I simply must have one too...Lisa...could you blend another?

Bite Me Bit

"I'm getting so old, I don't even buy green bananas anymore."

-Chi Chi Rodriguez


2 cups vanilla ice cream
1 medium ripe banana
½ cup whole milk
¼ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 tbsp chocolate syrup
½ tsp vanilla extract


Using a blender, combine ice cream, banana, milk, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and vanilla extract. Blend until smooth and pour into a tall milkshake glass.

Serves 1

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