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Travel and Eats: The Bite Me Sisters Hit the Delicious Food Show

Travel and Eats: The Bite Me Sisters Hit the Delicious Food Show

What do you do when you're invited to attend a food show among the likes of Mario Batali and Tyler Florence? You go, and that's exactly what us saucy sisters did, thanks to the good people at Strauss Water.

We arrived at the show on the hunt for the portly man in his orange Crocs (only Batali can pull them off), but got totally sidetracked by the wealth of fun, food and drink, aisle upon aisle of everything from tea and tacos to macarons and maple syrup. Yes, Batali or no Batali, this was going to be a super tasty day.

We started at the Strauss Water booth, our host and one of the sponsors of the event. While we appreciated the invite, we weren't prepared to blown away by H2O. We were wrong. Not only does this innovative company serve up a convenient (hot or cold, home or office) purified water solutions but they also do so in a super chic, environmental and budget-friendly way.

Could our countertops get any cooler?

Once we were properly hydrated, we started to roam and came across some of our fave products and discovered some new stuff that made us drool. Among our likings were of course, the best tortilla chips and salsa from Mad Mexican, spooky treats from Von Doughnuts and the superb, must-have mustards from Kozlik's.

We were also super-thrilled to find a great new cookbook from a great chef and multitudes of macarons!

Once I started sipping the world's best tequila ( Blue Hour ), Lisa started wishing there weren't sausages to be manhandled and photo ops to be had.

So ended our fantastic fun at the Delicious Food of 2014. Until next year...