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Collaboration: Bite Me More x Maison Le Grand Recipes

Collaboration: Bite Me More x Maison Le Grand Recipes

We here at Bite Me More have spent years trying to figure out a few things, primarily, “What’s for dinner?” and “How can I get it all done?” While we have Chef Lisa and her 600+ original recipes to help us answer the first question, we can’t always figure out how to accomplish everything in the hours we’re given.

Enter Maison LeGrand, an innovative company after our own hearts (and stomachs). Not only do they share our views on everyday eating and feeding solutions – fresh, delicious, healthy, convenient – but they also believe that there is fun to be had in the kitchen, that the home cook is the real deal (versus fancy, fussy chefs) and that there are simple and quick solutions for bringing gourmet taste into everyday life.

So, right about now, you may be wondering what two cookbook authors are doing touting LeGrand’s prepared pestos, sauces and tzatziki? Well, like we mentioned, time isn’t always on our sides. We’ve got 6 hungry kids between us and sometimes, while we’re long on cookies, we’re short on quick, healthy dinnertime solutions. What makes LeGrand unique in this capacity is that they use the freshest, highest quality ingredients – their products taste homemade. As in, made in our own kitchen. As in, while we don’t take credit for the incredibly fresh flavours, we really want to. And, that isn’t all. Their awesome pouch packaging is practical and easy, and their range of products and fresh take on classics (Meatless Bolognese! Dairy-free Alfredo!) makes our taste buds (and our vegetarian friends) tingle in anticipation of the endless possibilities.

Now knowing why LeGrand is our secret weapon for quick, delicious meals, we’ve taken it a few steps further and created original Bite Me More recipes using some of our fave LeGrand products – feast your eyes (and mouths) on these easy-to-recreate, crowd-pleasing recipes guaranteed to make your lives easier, tastier and way more fun…

Ricotta Crostini with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

Perfect Pasta with Rosee Sauce

Chicken Milanese with Arugula & Rosee Sauce

Pesto-Crusted Cod with Lemon Shallot Sauce

Garden Pesto Buttermilk Salad Dressing

There's more sauce where this came from…check out Maison LeGrand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

LeGrand sauces can be found at Pusetari’s, Whole Foods and Loblaws grocery stores.