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How to: 10 Ways to Use Leftover Beer

How to: 10 Ways to Use Leftover Beer

10 Ways to Use Beer

It's every beer-lovers' dream to go to Munich for its annual Oktoberfest. In celebration of the 16-day festival, we've compiled a big beer-themed list of lager uses (other than for gulping down).

Got a lot of half empty cans of beer lying around after a night of entertaining? Don't let it go to waste! Here's 10 ways you can use all that left over beer to your benefit.

1. Boost limp hair

As mentioned in our 10 Natural Beauty & Home Remedies article - you can use beer to rejuvenate dull and limp hair. After shampooing and rinsing hair, use a can of flat warm beer to rinse through your hair. The vitamin B and natural sugars found in beer will help moisturize, plump and shine those lifeless locks.

2. Remove stains

Use beer to remove coffee, tea & wine stains from carpet, rugs or clothing. Spot test first and then pour a generous amount of beer onto stain, let soak and then blot away and wash spot with soap and water.

3. Trap fruit flies

Get rid of those pesky fruit flies. Pour a small amount of beer into a plastic cup, cover the cup with plastic wrap and puncture the plastic with a small hole. The fruit flies will be attracted by the beer and will be able to get into the cup, but not out. Place around the house, in the kitchen or in the garbage itself.

4. Flavor food

Beer can be used in cooking of course! Boil food in it, marinate meats in it or add it to sauces. Beer is great for adding flavor to a variety of dishes such as rice, shrimp, meats and chili.

Try it out with our Quick Beer-Braised Chicken Sliders

5. Polish Pots

Have your pots looking shiny and new with a beer polish! Use a beer-soaked cloth to wipe down your pots. The subtle acidity in beer is able to boost the shine of your pots without staining them.

6. Polish Wooden Furniture

Give that wooden furniture a good old polish without heading to the hardware store. Wipe furniture with beer-soaked cloth to give it a sheen that makes it look as good as new.

7. Attract Bees

You may be asking yourself, "When would I ever want to ATTRACT bees? " No one likes having bees and wasps buzzing around during BBQs or backyard get togethers, so why not divert them in a spot far far away? Place containers of beer on the parameters of the yard, away from the entertaining area. The sugar in the beer will attract the bees to those areas, keeping your space and guests bee-free.

8. Fertilize Soil

Who needs a landscaper when you can use beer to fertilize your grass! Get rid of those brown patches in your grass by simply pouring out your leftover beer in the grass. The acidity of the beer helps to kill fungusand the natural sugars act as food for the grass and promote plant growth.

9. Natural Pedicure

Soothe tired feet with a can of beer. Pour flat beer into a basin for an at home spa treatment. The beer softens and moisturizes feet as well as cleans germs and fungus from feet.

10. Clean your jewelry

Skip a trip to the store for metal-cleaner and just soak your gold jewelry in beer! The natural acidity in the beer will clean your jewelry and get it to sparkle and shine just like before. Soak jewelry in beer, rinse and wipe with a soft, dry cloth.