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How to: Make the Best Mashed Potatoes

How to: Make the Best Mashed Potatoes

1) Start the potatoes in cold water and bring to a simmer, which allows them to cook evenly.

2) Simmer the potatoes gently. If they boil too violently, they'll fall apart before they're cooked.

3) Test for doneness with a metal skewer. It's more accurate than a knife and less damaging than a fork.

4) After cooking, drain thoroughly, shaking to rid the potatoes of excess water return them to the pot over low heat and stir to dry them fully.

5) The best tool for mashing is a ricer, but you can also use a food mill or simple hand-held potato masher.

6) Never use a food processor to mash russet potatoes you'll overwork them and give them a gluey texture.