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The Best: Simple Sweet Potato Recipes

The Best: Simple Sweet Potato Recipes

The Best Sweet Potato Recipes

These sweet potato recipes serve up the top 5 tastiest ways to enjoy this terrific tuber!

1. Praline Topped Sweet Potato Casserole

This irresistible side dish is made of pillowy mashed sweet potatoes buried under a crunchy streusel topping. Enjoy the sweet satisfaction without the ice cream headache.

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2. Roasted Sweet Potato, Parsnip & Apple Soup

How do you pump up the flavor in your soup? Roast the vegetables, as evidenced in this extremely easy and tasty Sweet Potato, Parsnip & Apple Soup. The sweetness of the roasted potatoes and parsnips, combined with intense apple cider and mild shallots, creates a hearty and delicious soup that is guaranteed to deliver satisfying spoon after spoon.

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3. Sweet Potato Quinoa Chili

Tender sweet potatoes, carrots, celery and red peppers are simmered along with cumin, chili powder and cayenne to create a most flavorful, satisfying meal-in-a-bowl.

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4. Roasted Vegetables

with pecans and parmesan

What's the best way to get everyone to eat their veggies? With this easy and elegant recipe for Roasted Vegetables. Sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips are roasted to sweet perfection and then topped with a Pecan Parmesan Gremolata, a zesty combination of pecans, parmesan and parsley.

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5. Sweet Potato Pie

with pecan praline sauce

This delicious sweet potato pie recipe is a side dish AND a dessert that offers up the best of all worlds...smooth and silky sweet potato filling is sandwiched between a gingersnap pecan crust and gingersnap crumble topping. As if all that wasn't enough to get you drooling, we've created a pecan praline sauce that'll have you licking the plate. Dig in!

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Sweet Potato Fries

Want to have your fries and eat them too? Yes, there's a healthy alternative to the greasy-goodness of deep fried potatoes. These oven-baked Sweet Potato Fries, creamy-yet-crisp-baked French fries that have been tossed in a Tex Mex seasoning, are super satisfying, especially when dunked in this creamy lemon dip!

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