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Top 5: Potato Chip Hacks

Top 5: Potato Chip Hacks

Think outside the bag and take your potato chips next level with these 5 scrumptious and simple potato chip hacks.


1. Chocolate Salted Caramel Chips

As if potato chips weren't addictive enough, Lisa's taken them next level with the addition of chocolate, caramel and salt.

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2. DIY Spiced Potato Chips

The chips are down and we're jazzing them up with a homemade spice mix that'll have you licking your fingers!

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3. Potato Chips with Chèvre, Red Pepper Jelly & Mint

Thick-cut potato chips + softened goat cheese + red pepper jelly + fresh mint

4. Corn Chips with Shrimp & Guacamole

Blue corn chips + guacamole + shrimp + fresh cilantro

5. Zesty Smoked Salmon Chips

Black pepper potato chips + sour cream + lemon zest + fresh dill