Dishing up Easy Recipes and Forkin' Fun



In honour of International Women’s Day, we’ve put together a list of the Canadian Female Foodies that we are girl crushing on.

1. Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons is one of our favourite Canadian food writers, author of “Bringing it Home” and “Talking with My Mouth Full," and Top Chef judge. Through her writing she helps break her readers into the culinary sphere with realistic and helpful tips and recipes, and showcases the importance of the philosophy of “loving what you do” in order to attain goals. With advice like hers, who wouldn’t want to give cooking a try?

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2. Sarah Kramer

Not only is Sarah Kramer known as the “Coolest Vegan in the World,” the owner of tattoo studio, Tattoo Zoo, and best-selling author of not just one, but four vegan cookbooks, she is also a cancer survivor (as she describes in this candid interview with the New York Times) and the innovator behind the world’s first vegan cookbook iPhone/iPad app, “Go Vegan! w/ Sarah Kramer.” Need we say more?

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3. Anna Olson

Canadian pastry chef, Anna Olson focuses on collections of simple, yet delicious recipes to make us all better bakers. Her expertise earned her a spot as an Iron Chef guest judge. Chef Anna Olson also recently launched her very own line of bakeware.

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4. Erin Ireland

A former NCAA volleyball player, Erin Ireland also shares her fave vegan cooking stories, restaurant recos, and drool-worthy recipes that are "To Die For" – which is the namesake of the plant-based bakery she founded.
An amazing communicator with a degree in broadcasting, Erin Ireland is a Food Reporter and TEDxTalk speaker who leads the conversation when it comes to plant-based cooking and the portrayal of food in the media.

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5. Kristen Eagles

Ontario-based cake artist and baker, Kristen Eagles a.k.a. “The Girl Next Door Bakes,” has been creating intricate cakes for years. Her IG feed @girlnextdoorwhobakes features fun, whimsical, and unreal cake designs that will have you scrolling (and drooling) for hours.

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6. Jen Agg

Jen Agg is a Toronto-based chef and restaurant owner virally known to challenge “bro culture” in the city’s male-dominated restaurant and bar scene. When she’s not speaking the truth on social media or taking washroom selfies, she’s busy being the mastermind of Le Swan, Grey Gardens, Rhum Corner, Cocktail Bar and the now-closed Black Hoof (more famously known as the spot that Bourdain took a bone marrow shot).

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7. Deena DelZotto and Rachel Kimel

The Bowery Project, started by Deena DelZotto and Rachel Kimel, aims to create opportunities for urban agriculture in Toronto by growing food in vacant city lots. DelZotto and Kimel’s joint love for food inspired them to create this hands-on experience that allows them to give back to their communities while sharing their love for home-grown produce.

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8. Tara O'Brady

Award-winning Tara O'Brady, author of the cookbook Seven Spoons, believes that cooking should be fun and stress-free. Aside from simple recipes, she nourishes her readers with uncomplicated recipes while encouraging the idea that food doesn’t have any borders.

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9. RonniLyn Pustil

When RonniLyn Pustil’s daughter, Lily, was diagnosed with Celiac disease, it inspired RonniLyn to start the family-owned "Gluten Free Garage," a pop-up gluten-free market/gluten-free food festival in Toronto. After going through the experience of making a household a gluten-free zone, the aim of Gluten Free Garage is to educate and encourage other Celiac families, and regular Torontonians, that gluten-free can be gourmet, delicious, and easy.

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10. Christine Flynn

The Instagram chef, who went under the pseudonym of Jacques la Merde, received such a following that the grand-reveal of who was behind the account warranted an unmasking party. It was a surprise to many that the chef who everyone presumed was male was actually Toronto native, Christine Flynn. Along with being a famous secret chef, Flynn also has the title of photographer and artist on her resume.

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