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How To: Guide to Picking Fresh Vegetables

How To: Guide to Picking Fresh Vegetables

Don't get in a pickle at the grocery store - read our tips and tricks for picking the best produce.


- Stems should be sturdy

- Colour should be bright green

- Tips should be closed, not opened

- All asparagus should be a similar circumference so that they cook at the same rate


- Stalk should be firm

- Florets should be tight

- Florets should be bright green and not yellow or brown


- The size doesn't matter

- Curds should be a creamy white colour

- Head should have lots of leaves around it to protect it


- The husk should be thick and bright green with hairy silk strands

- Peel back husk to make sure there are no soft spots

- Should see white, creamy discharge when pressing down on kernel

- Keep husk until ready to cook


- Colour should be medium to dark green

- Cucumber should be firm to the touch

- Cucumbers reach maturity at about 6"


- In this case size does matter

- Larger eggplants have seeds that are more bitter

- Go for a smaller eggplant

- Eggplant skin should be smooth and wrinkle free

- Eggplant should be firm

Green Beans

- Look for slender green beans

- The beans should be easy to snap and you should be able to hear the snap

- Do not buy if green beans look dried out


- Peppers should be firm

- Pepper skin should be smooth

- Peppers should be heavy

- If the pepper is light and you can hear the seeds when you shake it, it's not that fresh.