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THE BEST: Sweet Potato Toast Recipes

THE BEST: Sweet Potato Toast Recipes

We don't know what it is about millennials but they sure do love their toast.

Since avocado toast and boring 'ol bread are now officially so last year, welcome the new queen of the toasts - sweet potato!

Sweet potato toasts are gluten-free, high in fibre, packed with healthy micronutrients, and most of all, it's guilt free! You can even pile your favourite fixings in between it to craft your perfect sweet potato sandwich.

Check out our sweet and savoury picks to top your sweet potato toast with.


- Peanut Butter * + Banana + Cinnamon
- Peanut Butter * + Banana + Walnuts
- Peanut Butter * + Raisins
- Honey Butter + Cinnamon
- Nutella + Blueberries
- Nutella + Strawberries
- Nutella + Banana
- Cream Cheese + Jam
- Apple Butter
- Maple Syrup + Cinnamon + Chia Seeds
* You can also sub Almond Butter


- Fried Egg + Salt + Pepper (Chili Powder/Hot Sauce optional)
- Smashed Avocado + Sliced tomato + Fried Egg
- Sliced Avocado + Hard-boiled Egg + Sriracha drizzle
- Black Beans + Cheese
- Black Beans + Cheese + Fried Egg
- Black Beans + Cheese + Salsa
- Tuna/Chicken Salad