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Falafel Salad Bowl with Lemon Cornichon Dressing

What do you get when you take warm baked falafel balls, pair them with crunchy veggies and smother them in a creamy, tangy dressing? This delicious Falafel Salad Bowl. With the help of Maille`s L`Original Cornichons, little pickled gherkins that pack a tart and flavourful bite, our hearty and healthy salad is supremely satisfying.

We kept things mild with this dish, but if you`re looking to spice things up a bit, Maille has 4 varieties of their cornichons to choose from. Explore your inner foodie and try the flavourful originals Mild and Sweet for a sweeter and softer bite. Caramelized Onion will inspire any discerning food lover. And the new Extra Hot Cayenne Chili Pepper is perfect if you are looking to turn up the heat.


Falafel Salad Bowl with Lemon Cornichon Dressing