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Oatmeal Cookie Milkshake Recipe

This incredible Oatmeal Cookie Milkshake recipe takes traditional "cookies and milk" to all new heights - crunchy oatmeal cookies are blended with vanilla ice cream, milk and spices, resulting in a creamy, dreamy cookie shake. More

Kit Kat and Creamy Coffee Milkshake Recipe

How do we get our daily coffee and chocolate fix all in one sip? With this incredibly irresistible Kit Kat and Coffee Milkshake, a creamy concoction that blends up the best of both worlds. More

Mocha Coconut Ice Blended

With this scrumptious and easy recipe for a Mocha Coconut Ice Blended drink, Bite Me More is empowering you to be your own barista. Not only does this iced coffee contain the 3 essential C`s (coffee, chocolate, coconut), but it`s also the perfect perk-me-up. Get ready because the neighborhood is going to be clamoring for a cup of your joe! More

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