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Bite Me Visits the Butcher

Julie and Lisa go to Sanagan Meat Locker for a carnivore's carnival.... More
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A Winey Bunch

The hilarious stars of Cougar Town give us a taste of their on-set wine training.... More

Pizza Pie at Ridgemont High

A classic scene with one of our favourites, Mr. Spicoli.... More

Funny Fish

Watch one of our favorite fishy friends in one of the greatest films shot below the surface, the one and only Miss Dory in all her comical glory.... More

A Movie Worth Buzzing About

A family fun movie about a bee (voiced by our favourite, Jerry Seinfeld) who seeks more out of life than the typical buzz in "New Hive City."... More

All About Lady Liberty

Learn everything about The Statue of Liberty, from her nose down to her toes in this awesome History Channel video.... More

Get Playing!

Watch this video and learn how easy it is to make your own play dough.... More

Get Loading!

Here's a short video on how to properly load a Pez Candy Dispenser.... More

High Volt Father's Day Video

Dad jeans and socks with sandals...this music video from American Greetings hits the nail on the head.... More

After They Bend It Like Beckham

Watch the best goal celebrations of all time!... More

Growing Like Weeds

Watch in 1½ minutes what it took 2 months to grow on this hydroponic tower garden in Los Angeles. ... More

The Princess Makeover

Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and Ariel reveal their inner Hipsters.... More

Wedding Wipeouts

Watch as things go less-than-perfect on these couples Big Day.... More

Tea Time with Mrs. Doubtfire

Serving up a cup of tea, the hard way...... More

Ground Control to Major Tom

Watch THE AMAZING Commander Chris Hadfield rock David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' from the International Space Station.... More

Who's On First?

Abbott and Costello's genius and classic comedy sketch, "Who's On First?"... More

Fill Your Baskets

Easy, awesome ways to decorate your Easter eggs.... More

The Top 10 Defining Moment of the 1970s

From Star Wars to Stayin' Alive, Pong to PCs and Nixon to no gas, this video transports us back to The "Me" Decade.... More

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea

From lost nuclear submarines to unidentified species, here are 10 unsolved mysteries of the sea.... More

Rowdy on the Railroad

Over 32 million have watched the awkwardest of awkward train moments…will you? ... More

Basketball Wonder-Child

See why 15 million people (along with Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper) are blown away by Trick Shot Titus, a pint-sized basketball pro. ... More

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