Dishing up Easy Recipes and Forkin' Fun


Our mission is simple: Bring ease to the kitchen and laughs to the table.


Can you keep a secret? We can’t. We love spilling the beans about everything, including how to turn drudgery (peeling potatoes) into a delight (really!), how to transform stress (“I don’t know how to cook.”) into success (“Want to come for dinner?”) and how to yuk it up in the kitchen and at the table.

Yes, we know that it’s hard to imagine laughing when you have more problems than you do answers, but that’s where we come in. Us sisters want to be your new best friends and serve up the solutions to all your cooking challenges, kitchen conundrums and party problems.

Let our over 700 original recipes, entertaining tips and chic tricks get you out of hot water in your kitchen and bring fun to your table.

Two Sisters

Julie Albert

Julie enjoys long walks on the beach, singing karaoke duets with Sinatra and watching others cook. She wailed in ‘The Color Purple,’ fears mimes and was bitten by Alex Trebek. Having a Masters of Journalism (Ryerson University), Julie spends her time writing (she co-authored bestselling cookbooks ‘Bite Me’ and ‘Bite Me Too’), throwing crazy fun parties, watering her 3 kids and wondering what happened to Preparations A through G.

To reach Julie, email:

Julie Albert

Lisa Gnat

Lisa loves 100-year-old balsamic vinegar, playing the slots, and running like the wind. She moves like Madonna, Purells like Mandel, and mothers like Theresa. Lisa earned her Pastry Papers (George Brown), ran a successful dessert catering business, popped out 3 kids and with her bionic palate and keen sense of eating and feeding, co-authored ‘Bite Me’ and ‘Bite Me Too’ with her fantastic sister (see above). Lisa insists she knows where Waldo is.

To reach Lisa, email:

Lisa Gnat