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Wang Chung Tonight 80s Party

Wang Chung Tonight 80s Party

As Frankie says, RELAX. This wicked 80s party was easy-to-the-max to throw together. Our first stop for supplies to take guests Back to the Future was the dollar store. There, we stocked up on blank VCR tapes, neon shooter test tubes, ice packs and Slinkies, electric green drinking glasses and glass dinner plates. Next, we hit Goodwill and Salvation Army stores, where we picked up two VCRS (each $5.99), stacks of records (rad spots to find Olivia Newton-John, Bangles and Bonnie Tyler LPs) (embed link to song list) and more VCR-friendly flicks. Finally, we were off to the party store for packets of Pop Rocks, knock-off wayfarers, fingerless gloves, candy Atari joysticksand faux Rubik cubes. For a great, easy 80s theme invitation from Paperless Post, check out


1) To Rock Me Amadeus, stock up on baby blue eye shadow & Aqua Net.

2) Dust off shortalls, scrunchies & shoulder pads.

3) Remember to tell E.T. to phone home & the Karate Kid to Wax On.

4) Dollar stores are great for blank VCR tapes, neon shooter test tubes & Slinkies, electric green drinking glasses & glass dinner plates.

5) Hit Goodwill for VCRS ($5.99), stacks of $0.99 records & VCR-friendly flicks.

Dollar store videotapes are place cards and 95-cent records from Goodwill are placemats.

Blue Haired Trolls!

Eighties pop culture is piled atop a $5 VCR, including a 'Baywatch' pic in Kikkerland's TV frame.

Tabalicious! Cans of the bitter diet soda, Archie Digests and neon plastic ice cubes fill the table.

Blank videotapes act as a table runner and are topped with flower-filled neon test tubes.

Print up iconic 80s images, laminate them and then glue gun to a cheap glass vase.

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