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A Green Thumb Garden Party

A Green Thumb Garden Party

We aren't going to beat around the bush…this Green Gardening Party is amazing! Not only can you source most of the supplies from the dollar store for this fun and easy bash, but you'll also never have to water the grass!


1) The dollar store is the perfect place to stock up on gardening supplies, including faux grass tiles, gardening gloves and tools, wooden bird houses, and of course, birds.

2) Fun takeaway gifts for guests include seed packets and bulbs.

3) Use what you have - a hose, garden tools, gnomes and watering cans are a great addition to the table.

4) Weather permitting, don't be afraid to move this botanical bash outdoors.

5) Have 'The Secret Garden' playing on the TV.

A gloriously green place setting from the dollar store.

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