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Early Bird Special Party

Early Bird Special Party

A senior citizen party that'll knock your walking shoes off.


1) Send out invites using extra large print, instructing guests to BYOT (bring your own teeth).

2) Have 'Cocoon,' 'Meet Me in St. Louis' or 'On Golden Pond' playing on the TV.

3) Use dollar store doilies as table runner.

4) Use All Bran boxes as vases, filling them with carnations.

5) Reading glasses, hot water bottles, bingo sets & dabbers from the dollar store make for great props.

6) Fill dollar store pill boxes with Tic Tacs.

Dollar Store doilies as chargers & carnation-filled epsom salts as name tags.

Doctor's orders.

Butter biscuits, anyone?

Early Bird Special.

A well-stocked handbag with enough room for bread rolls.

Revved up!

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