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50 Shades of Grey Party

50 Shades of Grey Party

Have your next girls night in be super saucy with this 50 Shades of Grey Party.


1) Create a Steele(y)-grey table by wrapping it in inexpensive grey suiting fabric.

2) Hit the hardware store for Shades of Grey paint chips.

3) We used wooden numbers painted in different shades of grey - 365 for our New Years Party.

4) The dollar store is a great place to stock up on plastic handcuffs, masks, black feathers, plastic chains and paper money.

5) Bunch "Red Room" roses in vases filled with shades of grey m&M candies, creating an ombre effect.

Lay your cards on the table (or at least your grey paint chips).

Wooden numbers from the craft store are painted in varying shades of gre.y

Place a smaller glass vase in a larger one and fill the outer rim with shades of grey candies.

Role Reversal

Releasing your inner goddess?

No explanation needed.

A cuppa' Earl Grey, Mr. Grey?

The Steamy Trilogy

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