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Pump It Up Party

Pump It Up Party

A little too much merrymaking this holiday season? If you, like millions of others, have made a resolution to exercise more, we've got the perfect party to get your heart rate up and get your guests in the zone.


1) Our mats and table runner were cut from inexpensive, lightweight foam sold at Home Depot.

2) Dollar store water bottles are encased in dollar store leg warmers.

3) Inspiring words are stickered on bottles of energy drinks.

4) Place cards are 3lb weights with guests names stuck on them - guests can take these home as well as the neon jump ropes at each plate.

5) Have the Jane Fonda Workout playing on the TV for some retro motivation.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Dollar store locks are used as napkin rings & dumb bells as place cards.

Pumping Iron

Flex your Muscles

If barbies can do it, so can you.

The healthy kitchen (the cookies are hidden in the back of the cupboard)!

A Weighty Decision

Hop On!

How many servings a day?

How long can you hold plank position?

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