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Oscars Party

Oscars Party

Roll out the red carpet and throw a blockbuster bash celebrating the silver screen - everyone will leave a winner!


1) At Michael's Craft Store, we got white jewelry busts, gold stickers for buttons and black bows - they make for a creative tuxedoed table runner.

2) At the dollar store, we stocked up on popcorn buckets and movie theater snacks.

3) Give your guests the chance to walk the red carpet by laying out a roll of red craft paper.

4) Be the paparazzi and grab shots of guests as they arrive.

5) Inexpensive black and white striped ikea fabric wraps the table.

Napkins are folded like envelopes and each guest gets their own goodie bag and popcorn.

Behind the Scenes with Oscar

Filming a blockbuster!

The Classics

Bow-tied busts line the center of the table.

Black Tie Affair

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