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Tour de France Party

Tour de France Party

Forget peddling - this is our idea of a Tour de France.


1) This bike kicks off our sweat-free Tour de France.

2) Black and white striped fabric from Ikea covers the table.

3) Eiffel tower puzzles were put together over the course of hours (though it felt like days).

4) Brush up on your french or just say bonsoir, ooh la la, touché & bon appetit.

5) Dig out your beret, lacoste t-shirt or silk scarf for a tad of parisian chic.

6) For edible decor, add a cheese plate or some french macarons.

Faux topiaires are put in white planters and covered with bright green moss.

Need some candlelight for The City of Lights.

Les poodles in Paris are perfect.

Grapes and corks...guess what the drink du jour is.

Emerald green chargers from Michael's are topped with white plates and bistro towels-turned-napkins.

Black and white striped straws pair perfectly with the bold table covering.

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