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A Pranksters Party

A Pranksters Party

A whoopee-cushion-sitting, water-balloon-tossing, hand-buzzer-buzzing, super-easy party that's perfect for the kid in all of us.


1) The dollar store is an amazing place to stock up on supplies for this party - we got our big and small whoopee cushions, bandana napkins, chattering teeth, twirly straws, popeye cigarettes and goggly-eyed glasses there.

2) Have episodes of funny shows such as "Candid Camera," "Punk'd" or "Impractical Jokers" playing on the TV.

3) Move beyond the table and trick out the house with greased doorknobs, "wet paint" signs, saran-wrapped toilets and dribble glasses.

A place setting perfect for kidding around!

Fill 'em up with water and let the games begin.

The joke's on Barbie!

Drop Mentos in Coca Cola and see the geyser erupt!

Perfect ideas for every prankster.

Weapon of choice: Silly String.

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