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A Superb Superhero Party

A Superb Superhero Party

Grab your cape and spandex because you're going to become Super Entertainer with this fun and fantastic Superhero Party, a bash you can pull together faster than a speeding bullet.


1) The first thing you need to do is raid all your kids/cousins/friends playrooms - guaranteed that like us, you'll find many props for this party. a great way to organize the superheroes is in groupings along the length of the table.

2) At each place setting, we put a mask from Party City and names were put on comic-like bubbles we cut from bristol board.

3) Have a superhero movie on the TV and set up a photo op station with capes and masks.

Holy great place setting, batman!

Even crime fighters have laundry day!

Shape-shifting superheroes!

Want to be wonder woman? Grab your golden lasso, satin tights and an invisible airplane!

Peter Parker spinning his webs.

Up, up and away!!!

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