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How to Throw a Smashing Tennis Party

How to Throw a Smashing Tennis Party

Ready to have a ball? Here's a Tennis Party that won't push you to your breaking point - it's a Grand Slam - easy, fun and hits the sweet spot, every time.


1) Tennis balls, rackets and trophies were all bought at the dollar store.

2) A fun placemat was made from a green dollar store floor mat and was lined with white tape.

3) Make sure you have berries and cream on hand for guests.

4) The amazing PC Decorative Grass in ceramic pots are available in select Loblaw banner stores, including Real Canadian Superstores.

5) Have Wimbledon (either movie or live!) on the TV.

The legend and cover boy Arthur Ashe.

Guests get to take home their very own personalized racket.

The Grand Slam!

Game, Set, Match Point!

Going Old School with our woodies.

Having a ball.

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