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How to Host a Bacon Bash

How to Host a Bacon Bash

We don't want to go with this little piggy to market. We want to go with the piggy who stayed home, because we want to pig out at the fun Bacon Party in full swing.


1) Bacon wrapping paper is cut into rectangle-shaped placemats and foam pig masks are used as place cards.

2) To keep with bringing home the bacon theme, small change purses are filled with paper money, along with mini briefcases.

3) Pigpens are made from large popsicle sticks and sprinkled with "mud" (aka Oreo Crumbs).

4) Show "Babe" or "Charlotte's Web" on the TV.

5) Surprise guests with bacon soap in the washroom and bacon toothpicks at the table.

A perfect piggy place setting for bringing home the bacon.  

Hog Wild!

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home...

Here's looking at you, Babe.

High on the hog.

Literally bringing home the bacon.

Foam heads are topped with felt piglet hats.

Pig pens are built out of popsicle sticks and loaded with Oreo Crumb "mud."

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