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An Old West Cowboy Party

An Old West Cowboy Party

Always wanted a reason to wear chaps and spurs? Here's your chance with our fun and super easy Cowboy Party, a celebration of galloping gunslingers and campfire cowboys. C'mon buckaroo, just follow our lead and create a barn burner no one will forget!


1) For a barnyard feel, we covered the table in wood printed paper from Michael's Craft Store.

2) Plastic farm animals and hay are scattered on the table.

3) A mini campfire is created and topped with a can of baked beans.

4) Cowboy guns and plastic hats, sheriffs badges, and bandanas make for a high impact but affordable place setting - each setting cost approximately $4.50 - a lot less than flowers!

5) Have westerns playing on the TV.

Each cowboy place setting is a mini home on the range.  

The Lone Ranger and his identical twin!

Lucky horseshoes for everyone!

A shootout at the O.K. Corall.

With a roll of the dice, you can head to the Wild Wild West.

A gunfight John Wayne will win.

Reading how the West was won.

Page-turners for us city slickers.

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