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A Trail Blazing Indoor Camping Party

A Trail Blazing Indoor Camping Party

Commune with nature (sans bugs and bears) and glamp it up at home with this Indoor Camping Party.


1) We lined the table with a roll of kraft paper and scattered stones, twigs and pieces of moss (bought at any flower store or Michael's Craft Store) all over.

2) Pile up some kindling and create tissue paper fires.

3) Plastic bears, thermoses, toasted marshmallows and flashlights are all great additions to the table.

4) Have The Great Outdoors, Stand By Me or the Robin Williams movie RV, playing on the TV.

5) Give a prize for best ghost story.

A place setting for the Happiest Trails!  

Lighting up the night.

Coming out of hibernation!

Finding our way to the trail through the mix.

A big fish in a small pond!

Deep in the woods.

Not exactly roughing it in RVs.

Paddling through the great outdoors.

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