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A Need-for-Speed Race Car Party

A Need-for-Speed Race Car Party

Looking for a fast and (not) furious way to throw a super fun and easy Race Car Party? Here's one full of creative ideas that'll have you passing the finish line in no time, complete with checkered flags and pit stops.


1) Roll out black paper along the table and add pieces of white tape to replicate a race track.

2) Orange pylons and race cars (along with red track) are from the dollar store.

3) Have Days of Thunder or Cars playing on the TV.

4) Large checkered flags were bought from a flag store.

5) Old oil cans were found at antique and flea markets. They bring a fun and retro feel to the table.

6) Raid the kids closet/toy box for little race cars and hot rods.

A race car place setting perfect for a road runner.  

Taking a Pit Stop!

The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Watch out because Barbie will leave you in her dust...

Speed Demon

Life in the Fast Lane

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