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How to Throw a Totally Tubular 80s Party

How to Throw a Totally Tubular 80s Party

We know we've already thrown a totally awesome 80s party ( Wang Chung Tonight 80s Party), but we just can't get enough of the era of Alex P. Keaton, Pee Wee and Prince. Relax (as Frankie says) because you can whip this party up faster than you can say Karma Chameleon.


1) Print up and laminate photos of 80s icons to line the table.

2) Neon Slinkies, faux Rubik's Cubes and happy face frisbees are from the dollar store.

3) Have a John Hughes movie marathon playing on the TV.

4) Goodwill and Salvation Army stores are great spots to find VCRS ($5.99), stacks of $0.99 records & $1 VHS movies.

5) Host an 80s trivia contest, with the prize being a bottle of Giorgio Perfume, Archie Digests or a few packs of Lik-M-Aid.

Make your own rad 80s place setting.  

Satisfying our 80s sweet tooth.

Phone Home

Alexis Carrington and crew.

We love Pee-Wee Herman and his big ball of foil.

Michael Moonwalking

Stretching our DayGlo Slinky.

Be kind and rewind.

Print up pics of your fav 80s icons, laminate them and scatter around the table.

Idolizing the 80s.

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